Perixx Periboard 407 Review – A cheap and really good keyboard!

perixx periboard 407 box

Perixx Periboard 407 Review, why did I buy it?

Two months ago my mechanical keyboard gave me the first problems: it was loud, oh how it was and overall it was too long. I write a lot and in the long term that continuous movement from keyboard to mouse, was starting to weigh.

So I started looking for a new keyboard, but this time it had to be silent, affordable and the shortest possible.

Hence, I begun searching on the web and I stopped when I found the Periboard 407, that at least on the paper, it satisfied my requirements.

Technical specs on Amazon

  • Connector: wired, USB
  • Weight: 499g
  • Sizes: 34,4 x 18 x 3,4 cm (respectively in this order: length, width, height)
  • Layout: QWERTY

Perixx Periboard 407 in the reality

I don’t understand why, but sizes are slightly different in reality:

  • 32-33 cm long
  • 14 cm width
  • 2 cm heigh on the upper side – 1 cm on the lower one

Below some images

Since I found some differences between the web descriptions and the real one, I decided to write this little Perixx Periboard 407 Review, that might help someone.

Noise level

For me this was an important factor and it satisfied me at 70%.

It is silent but not so much if you write fast, of course it is way better than my old mechanical keyboard.

If you expect a noise similar to a laptop’s one, you’re just out of road.


Key travel is medium, in this way you won’t type something wrong when your fingers go somewhere else.

The distance between buttons is about something less than a half centimeter, in my opinion a good distance if you want to type fast.


The absence of the numerical pad it’s noticeable, but in a positive way. I can switch from keyboard to mouse, with the lowest possible effort and in the long term, my shoulder will surely benefit from this.

The keyboard is raised on the upper side, a really good choice because it helps the typing process.

If you are a programmer like me, you will really like it.

Price of this Perixx Periboard 407

At the moment you can find it on Amazon at 17,99€.

Take a look at it on the official Perixx website.

Note, Perixx is a German website, so I can’t assure you that it will be available for countries outside the EU.


Of course I didn’t expect a super solid keyboard, but it went way above my expectations.

The plastic used is really strong and it doesn’t make any weird sounds if you press it in the center.


After two months of continuous usage, everything with this Perixx Periboard 407 went just fine. Apart from getting used to the new sizes, I was satisfied of it and I am still.

For a keyboard below €20, you should really consider it in your low-budget shopping!

A single note: remember to toggle the BlocNm function by pressing Fn+BlocNm, otherwise it will activate the integrated numerical pad.

Did you find this Perixx Periboard 407 Review useful? Let me know in the comments below!

This is not an affiliated review, I’ve expressed my point of view and it is authentic 100%! 🙂